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  • Jaime


Welcome and gratitude for being a part of our mission to share what we believe to be a most powerful potential in healing our minds, bodies and spirits. There’s a story that when God created clay bodies for souls to energize, the souls wouldn’t have it. They didn’t want to lose their freedom to these mud prisons. So God convinced the angels to play music and lure the souls into this experience of being human. It worked and the souls willingly danced into forgetting their ultimate self to play out this ascension process. God let music continue to be an inspiration for movement and a balm for growing pains along this journey. The music, a reminder of our greatness and connection to source would always be a gift to be tapped into in a multitude of sound ways. This story inspires and moves us to create Temenos where ever we play for the journey to meet the self in safe sacred space.

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