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Tree Stories

Renee Hutchins grew up singing with her musical family when she wasn't wandering in the woods alone on her grandparents' farm. She has performed professionally for a couple of decades, but music has always been so much more - self-expression, connection to others, a balm... In addition to studying herbalism as part of her personal healing journey, she began to intuitively use sound without knowing the why or the how at the time.  Although she had attended her first yoga class in her early 20s while studying music, she didn't understand the connection between the two until years later when her voice coach exposed her to the idea of the relationship between different frequencies and the chakras. After being called back home to the lush, nourishing green that is Mississippi, she was led to study sound healing and become certified in vibrational sound therapy. Renee now offers sessions to support others on their own healing journeys and is humbled to continue learning, growing, and healing while practicing alchemy through music with others. 

Jaime Ray has been professionally involved in the healing arts for over 20 years, practicing bodywork and evolving in the understanding of energetics. She is a reiki master under the Usui lineage, works with Akashic records and utilizes craniosacral techniques in her intuitive healing work. She has studied and taught many facets of yoga from asana to breath work to kundalini, and finds she resonates most with the devotion of practice, Bhakti yoga. She has practiced mantra medicine in her own life and added sound healings to her classes for over a decade now. As her dharma emerges from a compilation of these studies, she is experiencing that pure bliss in collaboration with talented musicians/yogis who are also on this meaningful magical journey and inspired by the movement into sound healing that humanity is embarking on. 

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